Content marketing is all about organizing your ideas and developing them into different types of online content. You can write blogs, video scripts, sales pages, newsletters, and more. However, it’s still writing and it is a skill that needs to be honed and improved.

To do that, we have five examples of exercises you can perform to improve your content marketing skills.

  1. Write as many buzz words and sales words you can.

This exercise will help you develop your content marketing vocabulary. The more you do it, the more you can familiarize yourself with new words. Writing copy has to be original and unique. You cannot repeat words too much, so having a wide vocabulary for marketing is necessary. Do this exercise daily for at least 10 minutes. Every day, you should write down new words you learned about and study their meaning.

     2. Study your most successful competitors the way college students would.

Many new content marketers may be happy to just study the marketing strategies of competitors and big corporations, but you can do better by creating case studies, researching the business strategies of companies, and keeping documentation on how they came to their point in the business. By knowing each step, you can develop a strategy of your own using their effective techniques.

   3. Create sample marketing writing about things you are passionate about.

Write what you know, as they say. Practice writing a marketing copy about things you like, people you know, and skills you are excellent at. By doing this, you can write like there’s no tomorrow. You are already an expert and you have all the information. Trying this out will give you a feeling of success and help you create a great sample copy.

   4. Use other forms of content creation to develop your creativity.

You can try other forms of content creation aside from writing. This will help you draw inspiration from new experiences and skill development. You can try drawing, painting, dancing, singing, etc. Anything creative is a good idea. If you’re not into working with your hands, you can spend time watching critically acclaimed shows and movies.

    5. Repurpose your old content and start a blog using the new articles.

This exercise will help you improve your old writing and let others give feedback through a public platform like a blog. The more you repurpose your old articles, the better you will get at improving your skills and removing your penchant for making your previous mistakes. Just make sure to identify the mistakes you always make and try not to make them again. Not only that, you now have a new portfolio with better content as well.


Now that you know what exercises you need to do, you can try them out and see how your marketing writing improves. Do all of these at least once a week. Never stop exercising so that you can see how your writing improves every time. The best marketing content is indeed the most creative.