When it comes to writing, you have to strive to constantly improve this skill, so that you can accomplish what you intend through your articles. The truth is that few people are gifted writers: some have an inclination towards writing, which makes it easier for them to write good texts. However, there are others that find it more challenging. But it’s always a good idea to aim at honing your writing, and the good thing is that you can do that by using some of the many online resources you have at your disposal.

  1. Grammarly

The first recommendation on our list would be Grammarly – an excellent app that aims at correcting your texts. Most importantly, it points out the most common mistakes, such as the utilization of their when you should be using they’re. This is merely an example: but there are also other useful suggestions regarding the use of synonyms, so on and so forth.

  1. Hemingway Editor

This is another valuable resource that points out the readability of your articles. For instance, when working as a content writer, it is best to keep the articles simple and to the point. People rarely respond to complicated writing. However, this will mostly depend on the type of writing you do and your audience. One thing is for sure, having a high level of readability can be difficult, but Hemingway Editor makes it accomplishable.

  1. Daily Page

With practice, your writing skills are prone to get better. This is the key to enhancing any skill or ability – don’t you agree? This is where Daily Page comes in: it challenges you to get better at writing. You can choose a time of the day where you’ll get a reminder. It’s also nice that you can benefit from their many writing courses focusing on blogging or storytelling.

  1. Copywriting 101

Next, we’d like to talk about a free book provided by the team at Copyblogger. This can be really useful if you’re just starting out in the realm of copywriting, which is very competitive at the time being. The book comprises of straightforward, easy to follow lessons regarding what you have to do to become successful in this domain.

  1. Power Thesaurus

Having a varied, diverse vocabulary has a lot to do with making your writing better. And what better way to do that than by using a thesaurus? This is a free, useful resource that will make your writing appear more polished and put-together.

  1. Grammar Girl

Grammar girl aims at clarifying some of the most common quandaries you might have when it comes to grammar, of course, or spelling. This is a useful blog that focuses on outlining the differences between languages, as well as other interesting information such as the history of language, among other things.

  1. Twinword Writer

Whenever you’re having trouble with finding the right words for expressing something, Twinword Writer will come to your rescue. Basically, it comes up with suggestions regarding the right words you should use for pointing something out.

  1. Hubspot’s Blog Post Templates

When it comes to blog posts, they have some key elements in common. To that end, if that’s what you’re focusing on, as opposed to trying something new that doesn’t work, you could better use a template. This will make it easier to do a good job without risking anything.

Without a doubt, writing is a skill that requires practice and time. So, you should be patient with yourself and give yourself plenty of time to hone your writing. Before you know it, your articles or essays will be significantly better!