While most online marketers are jumping on the “tripwire trend,” it’s not the secret to building a monster business. In fact, the biggest, savviest online marketers today do not engineer their marketing campaign starting with a $7 tripwire.

Folks like Jay Abraham, Russell Brunson, Todd Brown, and Jeff Walker rarely rely on tripwires to build a monster business.

Now I’m not saying a tripwire offer is bad in itself.

Sure, it can bring in some nice cashflow. And, yeah, it’s much easier to sell a tripwire product than a $2,000+ course. This is especially true when your targeting cold traffic.

But most online marketers are not aware that with savvy marketing chops, you can start a campaign with a $2,000 product marketed to cold traffic. And you can put it on the front end.

In fact, the higher priced your product on the front end, the better. Here’s why:

When you price your front end high, you can then do something called an “offer sequence.”

If your prospect decides not to purchase the $2,000 course, you can then offer a payment plan. If they still don’t take that offer, you can reduce your price to $1,000 and take away a couple bonuses. If the prospect still does not take that offer, you can follow it up with another payment plan of $297. And so on…

See where I’m going with us?

The point is the if you can start with a higher priced product on your front end, then do it!

“Front end” does not signal price. It does not mean a low priced product. It means any product that you can market to acquire new customers.

You can’t offer an offer sequence with a  $7 tripwire. But with a $100, $1,000, or a $2,000+ course, you can maximize both your customer acquisition and cash flow because you take your prospect through a logical offer sequence.