Amazon PPC Management by eMarspro

As the largest eCommerce marketplace, Amazon is not something online retailers can afford to ignore. Our team of fully-trained Amazon experts can build a hand-tailored advertising strategy that can help gain exposure for your products and grow your sales.


Boost Discoverability and Profitability in the Amazon Marketplace

Enterprise eCommerce brands utilizing the Amazon marketplace are making the right choice for expanding reach – 55% of consumers start their product search on Amazon. But it’s a tough battle to be competitive relying only on organic discovery.

For Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), eMarspro omnichannel advertising experts can drive the most targeted and relevant in-market shoppers to your product listings while tightly controlling ad spend.

How We Generate High-Converting Traffic with AMS
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eMarpsro takes a calculated data-driven approach to manage your Amazon advertising. Every aspect of your AMS strategy is based on real data – there’s no guesswork when we handle your eCommerce

PPC campaigns. We use best practices and strategies based on proven results to maximize your ACoS.


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If you have existing Amazon PPC campaigns, we will thoroughly audit them for optimization opportunities. We will also work with your team to establish appropriate goals and KPIs to effectively measure your ad performance.

If your brand has never utilized AMS in the past, no worries. Our team will work closely with you to craft, test, and optimize campaigns until the maximum return is achieved.

Focused Keyword Research
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We dig deep to discover how in-market customers are searching for the products and solutions you sell. This research shows us not only what keywords to target and bid on, but the best phrases to use in your ad copy and product pages to set the hook during the sales process.

Strategic Bid Management
Once your campaigns are running, we carefully monitor your keyword bids. This includes modified bidding strategies at the individual keyword level based on placement, impressions, performance, and more to get you the most visibility and clicks with the lowest advertising cost of sale (ACoS).
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Campaign Tracking and Reporting

With eMarspro, you always know exactly where your campaigns are and how they’re performing. With weekly and monthly reports, we break down the raw data to show you conversion metrics and performance tracked against your KPIs and goals so you’re only getting the data that matters most to your brand.

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