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Backlinks, The Most important factor for any website. If your website is new and wants to a higher rank in the search engine then backlinks are the only way that can help you. Learn Top 5 easiest ways to earn or build quality backlinks to your website.

In this post, I like to suggest some of the easiest ways to build quality backlink to your website. If your website is new and doesn’t have money for paid marketing then backlinks can help you to get higher PR (Page Rank). Higher PR means a higher rank in the search engine and a higher rank means more traffic.

5 Easiest ways to earn or build quality backlinks

1. Backlinks from Question-Answer Platform

Question-Answer is the platform where your user makes ask some question related to products, services and support. Search question related to your niche and give Answer to the user. You can also add a backlink to your website within Answer or from your Author bio. This is the best way to earn trust + backlink to your website. and are the best Question-Answer platforms. you can also search the Question-Answer website on Google.

2. Backlinks from Profile Page

Nowadays almost all website allows you to add a website link to your profile page. Search for those websites which allows you to add the website link in the profile or bio page and creat user account. You can add the website link in the profile or bio page and build a good backlink to your website. Here are the examples:, etc.

3. Backlinks from Job Portal Sites.

Posting job over Job Portal sites and earning backlinks to the best site is the easiest way to build backlinks. You can build more than one backlinks from the Job Portal Site. Posting more than one Job over Job Portal site is the way to earn more backlinks. You can add your website link to your job post. There are so many free job postal which allows you to post a free job. Here I like to suggest for a free job posting.

4. Backlinks from Business Directory sites.

Business Directory sites help you to spread awareness about the business, it’s services and backlink to your business website. You can submit your business details like Business Name, Address, Contact, Email, Website Address, Services and offer to the Business Directory Sites. You can also find so many Free Business Directory Submission website where you can submit your business listing. Here I like to suggest for free business directory submission.

Now 5th powerful way to build backlinks.

5. Backlinks from Guest Blog Post.

Guest blog posting is the best way to market your content and in return earn quality backlinks. You can also get good traffic to your website using guest posting. Here I suggest you how this will possible. 

  1. Write some good content related to your product and services. 
  2. Search website which allows guest posting in your niche (You can also find so many free guest posting website like
  3. Publish your content over guest posting website. 
  4. Don’t forget to add some backlinks to your website within your content.

That’s all done. Hope this will helps.

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